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Important notice: Given the financial climate currently affecting federally funded reasearch, the New York Brain Bank is forced to charge 100 US Dollars per request for handling the specimens disbursed.

To obtain tissue samples from the NYBB you must read, sign, and fax (1-212-342-0083) or send (NYBB Columbia University, Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian, Room T-8, 3959 Broadway, New York, NY 10032) the following documents to our office:

  1. Human Single User Tissue Agreement
  2. Acknowledgment Agreement
  3. Human Tissue Handling Risks & Safety Precautions Statement
  4. Copy of the IRB approval of your study protocol

You will receive an electronic token (login and password) after your documents have been verified. Without this token you will not be able to submit your request. The processing of the request is contingent upon the availability of tissue.

Last updated 1/14/2016